Revshares, Forex Trading Program and Other Online Programs Scam Alerts 2018

revshare-hyip-scamalertsFor the Newbie’s it’s its bit hard to choose right program and even right program on right time. Online industry is full of fraud companies and fraud admins. Timing Factor is playing key roll in the online industry. The intention of this blog post is to give scam alerts or program failure alerts so People can save their money.

After the so many requests of the our blog visitors and friends i thought to make one blog post where i will share the information of the programs where you should not invest or they programs are on high risk or you are joining them on wrong timing.

Revshare’s that i don’t suggest for investment:


  • My Paying Ads

Reason : You are Late to Join it or its time to start withdrawal.

Yupp You heard it right. I am talking about the most stable revshare My Paying Ads. I have done some research on it, that’s what i am going to share now.

1. Membership growth:
Revshare model are designed in such a way that, when new people put money In, old people get paid. So basically revshare can be sustain only if there is continuous membership growth.
No doubt, MPA had awesome membership growth before but right now that’s not enough for pay to 250000+ members.

2. Membership Fees and Reducing commission on repurchase :
They need to add membership fees for getting in some new funds. Recently they reduced commission on repurchase to 50%, they are trying to reduce virtual money created inside the system.

3. MPCA:
To overcome with above issue they found new idea which is called MPCA.
Bitcoin can be easily converted to other processors so they can use it as a backup for MPA and MPCA will help in finding new investor for MPA for sure.

Delay in withdrawals (they were very fast before) and Delay in paying commissions in MPCA(need to generate support ticket) is also a side effects of drying fund. (This things are solved now as of 10th feb 2017).

Conclusion: No doubt, Uday is one of the great and honest revshare admin and i have huge respect for him. He is trying his best to make MPA better and better but we are here for make money so we have to do complete research on everything before putting our hard earned money.

  • My 24Hour Income

If you are regular reader of our blog you must seen my comment when someone asked my view on MY 24HOUR INCOME, before the scam issue came out. Let me copy paste it here so new reader gets the idea:

Outside Compounding:
Its something like from one bowl of milk you are taking one glass milk out then put it back and then expect that your total milk is = complete milk of bowl + one glass milk.. but there is same milk as before they have in bowl.. so its creating illusion of having lots of deposit..

Reason for the fallen of any revshares is membership growth:
Tt3 survived cause they started with less members and end up with so many.. 10 ads pay surviving for same reason but the programs who have big growth in starting and they didn’t maintened after launch they will collapse. My24hourincome had awesome growth in starting but after that they don’t have continuous growth as they have in starting.

Moving Payza fund to Bitcoins:
Drew moved payaza fund to bitcoin, It’s a sign of getting out. He wants to save his ass from payza disputes in future. One of the top promoter of My24hour income told me that Admin(Drew Burton) was loosing 12k$ per day in paying payaza fees. Everybody knews about the Payaza fees, he has to think about it before launch of the program.

I made this comment 3 months back when their was no issue at all. Now Whats my view on my24hour income as of 15th Feb’17:

Relaunches of the programs:
Revshare work based on the trust factor mostly once its broken program can be over in a week. How many relaunches get success? In best case its 1 in a 100. We already seen relaunches of TT3, URS , CD and some others and they were completely flop. In the genuine case like paypal issue, only 30% people lost the trust in the same revshare as they were aware about facts. Thats why MPA’s Relaunch worked.

Now about the Holding fund by the Payza:
Payza only holds 10% fund everyweek and then release it(confirmed this with one of the PTC site owner). It may hold more in the case of so many disputes happens. But here Drew burton played smart game, he removed payza as a payment processor. Itself its prove that there was a fake hack cause he wanna save himself from Payza dispute.

90% of total withdrawal amount we have to add back:

This is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. For the withdrawal of 10$, you have to add 9$ back and strange thing is you have to pay 0.5$ to 1$ as a processor fees.

  • 10 AdsPay

This was one of the best revshare i missed just because they do not add payeer as a processor. I have huge respect for Ashish, as he is managing this revshare so well from last 9 months without intentions of the scamming.

Only reason i suggest you to withdrawal your funds from this program is Membership Growth. Membership Growth is not as much as required to pay old members who built their accounts heavily.

  • My Ad Story

One of the reason of Failed revshare is when revshare owner lost the focus.

Changes in the Pay plan:

There was 200% returns with 50% repurchase rule in the beginning which was practically impossible. Then they set 150% returns after certain time. Then they add two new faster returns adpacks. Then they add membership fees to allow the withdrawal. Then they stopped working for two – three months and again they came with the new site and new business plan. Right now they are following my24hour income’s strategy of 90% of total withdrawal amount you have to add back.

Lost the focus:

No revshare can generate 100% revenue from outside. They started to do more focus on external sources then the own revshare and revshare sales. They came up with same site like fiverr for external income and i m quite sure they did not even make the money of they spend on the hosting of that site. They are now selling products on shopify to pay people. Are you kidding me??

My Suggestion to Admins: Close the site and payback to the members who are in loss from the whatever you have.

Hyip’s that I don’t suggest for Investment:

  • Bits Hedge

I have done my research on it and i found several things which are suspicious. The reasons i found are as below:

  1. Fake Owner:  Checked his facebook id, there is only one picture of him. Checked facebook group, he is making trading videos without voice and face. I found many other things which makes his identity suspicious.
  2. Trading Videos: They seems unreal. As per the admin’s update he is making 21% of weekly profit with 30% of money invested by people.

Conclusion: Just don’t invest single penny in the same program if you love your money.

  • Coinomia

Coinomia has the same reasons as Bits Hedge.

  1.  Fake Owner: Phil Devis is the fake person, even his video which he post some times which looks completely edited. Phil Davis’s facebook was id made on the 2 days ago of coinomia launch, so we can assume that he knew about the mining but he had no idea of facebook LOL. I have followed Ankur Agrawal and phil davis’s mail and facebook post. Both looks similar and i am 500% sure that ankur is the guy behind the click intensity and coinomia. Even once mistakenly he did send email from the click intensity’s emails id for the coinomia.
  2.  Fake Mining: Basically Coinomia was promoted as a mining company, but even after the 3-4 months there is no proof or video of the real mining.
  • Engofor

Hyip’s are not my zone actually but what i knew about engofor is they are paying since long time and the customer service is hell poor. So just stay away from this.



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