Revshare and Other Online Programs Reviews 2018

I started working in Networking industry with 9$(500 INR) in vestige marketing company in 2009.  From 2014 i started doing revshares. Traffic monsoon was my first revshare. After having good experience in revshare field i started giving Revshare Reviews. Today i am on the place where i am making 3 to 4 times of any engineers salary in India.  That means that it isn’t about the money you have, it’s about the knowledge you have. It means there are no real barriers to you earning money if you’re willing to work hard and learn. If you want to make yourself motivate towards online business, don’t forget to read my online journey from here:

If you can’t pickup right timing, you will definitely lose money in online programs. You have to enter on RIGHT TIMING more than that you have to start withdrawal on RIGHT TIMING.

Always divide your fund in 2 to 3 well going online programs so may be if you got loss in  one , you can recover with other one.

Do only invest that you can afford to lose. Even I do suggest that get seed back as soon as possible and withdrawal it to bank and do play with profits only.

I diversified my portfolio from Revshare only to Crypto Currencies, Forex Program and Crowd funding, Revshares and Lastly Crypto Currency Trading cause of many failures of revshares into short span of time.

For the Beginners it’s never been easy to participate in any online program with good timing so my short reviews are for the help them to participate in good program with right timing and save them from scammers.

Revshares and Other Online Programs I do suggest for investment:


Crypto Currency Review: Das Coin 

Before talking about Dascoin, I want to share story of most successful crypto currency Bitcoin. This is the story of 10000 BTC.

Money is only money if you can use it to purchase something of value. So in the early days of Bitcoin, it was still very much a “theory,” and the coins were worth a fraction of a cent. On May 22, 2010, a guy named Laszlo Hanyecz agreed to give a guy in England 10,000 Bitcoins (BTC) if the guy ordered him a pizza from Laszlo’s local Papa John’s and had it delivered. As the price of Bitcoins have slowly increased from cents to dollars to now HUNDREDS of dollars, that pizza is theoretically getting more expensive all the time! Bitcoin is started with 0.1$ (6 inr) and now its touching 1300$. So that pizza cost him today’s 13000000$.

Above story alone tells us about the power of crypto currencies in this digital world. Dascoin is coming now with more advance technology to remove the drawbacks of Bitcoins. I am not saying here that Dascoin will be bigger than Bitcoin but this coin is worth a try.

  • Owner’s Background:

There are five peoples behind the DASCOIN. Michael Mathias is the CEO of Dascoin and He has over 23 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience, including the past 8 years as a digital technology entrepreneur. John Pretto is Chairman of NetLeaders and He is an accomplished, innovative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of senior management experience in information technology, marketing and operations. George Sarcevich is the director of web wallet and He is a seasoned international finance and technology executive, with experience that includes 10 years as a Wall Street investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and HSBC. Terry O’Hearn is Executive Chairman of DasFinancial and He is a successful entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in corporate finance, commodities, retail, and technology.Blair baker is Head of Dascoin Public Exchange and he is the co-founder of FXCM(largest forex retail broker).

I always prefer company operated by multiple persons, cause they can do focus on their operational area 100% and which gives best results.

This all people have established their name in their fields with long experience and success. Now when they are coming with their new adventure definitely i won’t gonna miss it.. There is more detailed information of owners HERE.

  • Advanced Technology:

When you are going to purchase washing machine and if there is one semi loaded washing machine and other is fully auto loaded washing machine in same cost what you will buy?? Of course which have the advance technology.

  • Personally i hate block chain delays, some days before its taken a  36hrs to confirm the transaction and it was damn irritating. Dascoin is providing us 6 Second Instant Transaction.
  • There is a  Mobile Pay Solution DasPay – Android mobile solution.
  • If you are in the crypto-currency space, you knew that most of the crypto currencies are useless when it comes to make real time transaction. You’re never gonna be able to use it for real life transactions. The issue of exchange is a real issue. With a smart card ‘DASPAY’ you can spend your crypto-currency on everyday needs including the supermarket close to your house, provided they have a POS supported by MasterCard and visa card and this is without anyone knowing you’re spending your crypto-currency.
  • Live Events and Webinars:

Dascoin already created a BIG BUZZ in the market through biggest successful Dubai Event. Owners are so much active in doing webinars and preparing live events more and more. This is the thing make any online business makes LIVE.

  • Comparison between One Coin and Dascoin:

One coin have literally broke all the previous records in direct sales industry with a scammy digital token now just suppose what if someone try to duplicate it with a Real Technology??
  • Why Network Marketing?

We all knew the power of Network Marketing. They are using network marketing model to reach the critical mass within a shorter period of time! They are ready with DasPay, DasCoin ExChange, WebWallet and now mass market is what these technologies are waiting for!

Join me from here :

Contact me for get best binary support:
Click here for Full details of owners, advanced technology, features and payplan..

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59 Responses to “Revshare and Other Online Programs Reviews 2018

  • Hi sir, I am working neobux and clicksense. I am joining a new site Trafficwind. It give $0.1 per day for click. I want to invest this site. Can you advice me, if possible.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Akhil,
      Website doesnt look so attractive and there is only 50 active members and 200$ deposits only..
      With this things website cant run for sure.. Better not to invest in it..

  • Hi Ravi

    Your blog is really very helpful.Thanks for such worth informations.I want your review about straight revshare.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Your blog is really helpful to be saved from scams. Thanks you so much. I would like to ask is that is it good enough to invest in Questra? Please share your thoughts.

    • Hii Mitesh,
      Thank You for your comment.
      Questra is one of the really nice project i missed from start.
      If you are asking me my thoughts then,
      I strongly believe in TIMING while join any online program.
      Early birds get the maximum profits.
      So if i am on ur place i dont join it now but yes its one of the good project and they have vast number of offices all over the world.
      Good Luck..!!

  • Hi,

    I am searching about TheAdsTeam on google.Some people says it is ponzi scheme or scam.It is possible?

    • Most of the online programs are Ponzi..
      Let me give you definition of ponzi, scam and failed program.
      1. Ponzi Scheme
      Basically when any program pay old people by getting new fund by new people are ponzi. We can also call it money circulator or money rotator.
      They dont have any external source for generate profit they are sharing to people.
      We can call banking system also ponzi. As most of money in the banks are also rotating.
      2. Scam Program
      When admin is run away with the all the people’s money we can call it a scam.
      See as i said banks are also ponzi but until they are running we cant tell them scam.
      3. Failure Program:
      When admin has good intention of running program but they are not getting enough fund to pay members it will eventually result in failure.
      so yeah admin must knew how to rotate money in very good way that their program stay in the market for long time.
      Now about theadsteam:
      1. Yes it is ponzi.
      2. Admins are good in money rotating and they have good intention of running program.
      3. Timing play important role in ponzi scheme, so make your decision based on this points.
      Good luck..

  • what you think about the MPCA revenue share site sir ?

    • It is one of the best revshare so far right now..
      But i am worried about MPA, i have already mentioned reasons in one of my blog post about the MPA.
      MPA is their Brand Wheel so if it may affected then it will affect MPCA too.

  • TradeOwnSystems
    5 years ago

    Hi Ravi,

    very nice clean and informative blog, thank you 🙂

    Do you have some info about bitearn. org please? It looks like bitluna. org which I did not ivesteted. It is in prelaunch and looks good to me, but I dont have any backround info like you have for almost everythink 🙂

    thank and wishes the best


    • Hello Buddy,
      I checked out this website.
      When i clicked on How it works?, i have seen their that site is launched on 1st april 2017. Maybe running their site from another planet haha..
      Webiste is looking so cool but dont invest right now..
      There is no info about that site out yet..
      Remind me again in future i will surely take a look and tell you its worth a try or not..
      As of now avoid it..

      • TradeOwnSystems
        5 years ago

        thanks for info 🙂 you are right it is too fresh, maybe I will try with 50USD or somethink like this… only for fun 🙂

        and one more question, do you know something about (I am in only with 2ETH, it looks fine)


        • Ethtrade is one of the stable HYIP running by professional Persons. Yes its looks fine but it is bit old and timing factor playing key roll in Hyip and Revshares so do play safe.
          One more thing Bitluna is Scammed already..

  • Hi Ravi ,

    What do you have reviews about Straight Rev Share just launched .

    Need your advice , if possible .

    • Hello Anand,
      There is two things which does not look good to me about this revshare.
      1. High returns: Yes fast revshare is over now. People already knew how revshare work so it wont gonna run so long.
      2. When i checked website last time, they didnt have even SSL certificate for security which cost 100$, you can easily think that when owners do such things?
      Obviously when they dont have any intention of running site for long time..
      I hope that i make you clear on Straight Revshare.
      P.s: Do not join it, you will loose 500%.

  • vardhan vardhan
    5 years ago

    Awesome blog😃😃
    Really very useful,
    All are genuine nd real programs only😃
    Great job bro <3

  • Ramgopal
    5 years ago

    Dear Ravi, Thank you very much helping people who needs knowledge and guidance where they keep investments and get profits. Great Job. Could you please share your thoughts about adpackpro and Adscrypto . Thank you .

    • Hello Ramgopal, Thanks alot buddy..
      My thoughts on Adpackpro:
      One of the best revshare i missed in the initial stage.
      This factor plays major role in Revshare as new members puts money in, old members get paid that how revshare works.
      You are too late to join adpackpro.
      2. Right now people are moved to BTC revshare so better you focus on some BTC revshare.
      1. I knew the owners and they are pretty good in crypto trading.
      2. BTC revshare it is.
      3. Right time to join any revshare is in prelaunch. Yes we have this conditions.
      Yes worth a try for sure.

  • Hi Ravi,
    I am actually enjoying the programs i have joined under you. Thanx a lot
    I need another good program to add to my portfolio….Is anything Big coming up soon?
    preferably a revshare

    • Heyy Brother.. Happy to working with you.. sorry i missed to pay you for this time(will do it soon).
      There is two revshares are coming in the next days. I m quite sure about the one revshare which will be handled my the crytpo trading expert. I knew their work so i believe them and i will promote it too. You will get email as soon as possible once the signups are open.

  • Hi, what do you think about MPA currently and how do you see it going and also what do you think about FX10 investments.

    • What i am thinking about MPA?
      1. Membership growth:
      Revshare model are designed in such a way that, when new people put money In, old people get paid. So basically revshare can be sustain only if there is continuous membership growth.
      No doubt, MPA had awesome membership growth before but right now that’s not enough for pay to 200000 members.
      2. Membership Fees:
      They need to add it for getting in some new funds.
      3. MPCA:
      To overcome with above issue they found new idea which is called MPCA.
      Bitcoin can be easily converted to other processors so they can use it as a backup for MPA.

      Delay in withdrawals (they were very fast before) and Delay in paying commissions in MPCA(need to generate support ticket) is also a side effects of drying fund.(there us no delay anymore now).

      Conclusion: No doubt, Uday is one of the great and honest revshare admin and i have huge respect for him. He is trying his best to make MPA better and better but we are here for make money so we have to do complete research on everything before putting our hard earned money.

      What i think about FX10?

      1. Transparency:
      EEC admin is more transparent then the FX10.
      2. Timing:
      I knew its non ponzi programs but i always prefer to do everything on timing. FX10 is much much older than EEC.
      3. Website:
      EEC has a custom script website. Why someone spend money and time on it, if he want to scam very soon.

      So if you ask my opinion i prefer EEC over fX10.

  • This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.

    I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more
    of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social

    • Really appreciate what you have done for us..
      You will receive emails very soon on my new posts..
      Thank you for your kind words..

  • Hi Ravi,
    Is been a while since you last promoted a new revshare.
    you always give us great info in ur reviews and its helping us a lot.
    A new revshare called WELIKEFUND has just pop up, they have long
    term plans…….
    Expert advice is needed, please what do u think of it ?

    • Yeah Bro.. Thank you for your feedback..
      The Ads Team is the last revshare i promoted and after that i did not found any good revshare yet.
      Now about We Like Fund:
      1. Business Plan:
      There is a plan that if you buy upto 49 packs of 10$ then its gives returns of 120% and if you buy 50-149 adpacks then it gives 130% and if you buy 1500+ adpacks then it will give you 200% returns.

      Conclusion: This plan is not for the small players.

      Else everything looks good, admin is so much active in the facebook group. He seems bit practical about the promotion, I loved the way he is organizing contest.
      Its worth a Try..!! But wont suggest you much compounding..

  • Manoranjan
    5 years ago

    Can we still join the Ads Team in 2017….?

    • yes you can join ..
      Reason is : BTC price is reached 1000$..
      They already have 60% profit from our investment who did start from first day.
      but i wont suggest much compounding as it is 3 month+ old program.

  • Aravind M
    5 years ago

    I liked the content. Still, I have one doubt after reading your comment. You say MPCA is introduced to get new funds. If you think MPA don’t have any funds left, why are you promoting MPCA? Sorry, if it’s too personal. But I want to sign up and make my first deposit. But your comment made me think in the opposite way. Please reply.

    • Glad u liked my blog. Bro i do everything where i have any chances of making money thats the reason i did promoted MPCA but after certain time i edited the post and mentioned risk involved in it(I no longer suggest to invest their as there is better options in the market).

  • Scott Cassin
    5 years ago

    Hi Ravi !

    Have a nice day !!
    I am regular reader of your blog and I like your analysis on online programs.
    Why do you think that MPCA is backup plan for MPA?
    What do you think about MPA?
    I can only trust MPA right now but you put me in double thoughts so please help me out of this.

    • Hello scott..
      Thanks for being regular reader of my blog..
      Buddy Your questions can put me in some “Hate” Atmosphere as so many blind lovers of MPA is here. But still i will answer you as i made this blog for sharing my thoughts on everything i knew.

      What i am thinking about MPA?
      1. Membership growth:
      Revshare model are designed in such a way that, when new people put money In, old people get paid. So basically revshare can be sustain only if there is continuous membership growth.
      No doubt, MPA had awesome membership growth before but right now that’s not enough for pay to 200000 members.
      2. Membership Fees:
      They need to add it for getting in some new funds.
      3. MPCA:
      To overcome with above issue they found new idea which is called MPCA.
      Bitcoin can be easily converted to other processors so they can use it as a backup for MPA.

      Delay in withdrawals (they were very fast before) and Delay in paying commissions in MPCA(need to generate support ticket) is also a side effects of drying fund.

      Conclusion: No doubt, Uday is one of the great and honest revshare admin and i have huge respect for him. He is trying his best to make MPA better and better but we are here for make money so we have to do complete research on everything before putting our hard earned money. Good luck..

      I hope you got the answer.. have a nice day buddy..

  • 91Elana
    5 years ago

    Hi blogger !! I read your posts everyday and i
    must say you have very interesting content here.

  • james smith
    5 years ago

    I checked on your Facebook wall that you are also a reward achiever in coinomia. do you recommend us to invest their?

    • To be honest :
      i dont recommend ..
      1. Owner is fake. Ankur is behind it. We can easily found it by simply follow both mails coming from Phill and Ankur.
      2. Packs are maturing at 15 months. (no space for small investors)
      i have 2500+ pairs in the coinomia with 7600 members total in team but after the first week i stopped promotion completely.

  • Really a nice blog with insight reviews. You are doing awesome work here…continue to help people earn good money
    Thanks Ravi and God bless you

  • james smith
    6 years ago

    It’s always great experience of working under leadership of you.
    I made profit in most of the revshares you recommended except DDR and Even in DDR I got compensation. Thanks to you Ravi.
    God bless you.

  • Hello,Sir,Everything you Explained,it is Mind Blowing ,I am Happy that you Has Choose your own Way (Not like me Only Job😁),God Blesses you,I hope u recognize me….😐

    • Sir?? i am not deserving this word buddy.. and How i can not recognize you bro? We are Diploma Mates.. It was life’s best time spending with you in Gandhinagar..Hope you are doing good in your life..

  • hii ravi,
    You have a nice blog.
    Why do you think that Theadsteam is still sustain cause i noticed that on similar kinda blog admin told people withdrawal fund in next two months?

    • Hey buddy.. Thank you..
      According to My Calculations There are 3 Factors which clearly indicates that it is still safe to invest in theadsteam.
      1. Btc Price:
      When Company launched, Btc Price was 608$ exactly and today its 745$. Its big benefit to company as most of people did investment through BTC.
      2. Decent Membership Growth:
      When it was launched there was 8-9k members and today its 17000+ .. its very cool thing..
      3. Adpacks Maturity:
      Even if someone started withdrawals fund from first day still he needs 10-15 days more ro cover seed money and he will endup with 10-20% profit only. So basically there is no much withdrawals so you can compound atleast 1 month more. In between if i found anything suspicious will warn you.
      Hope you got the answer..
      Keep Visiting..
      Keep Sharing..
      Thank you..

  • hello ravi bhai…
    ap bahut achcha likhate ho… apki lifestory bahut achchi lagi muje..

  • William Methieson
    6 years ago

    Nice blog brother
    What do you think about My 24 hour income?

    • Outside Compounding:
      Its something like from one bowl of milk you are taking one glass milk out then put it back and then expect that your total milk is = complete milk of bowl + one glass milk.. but there is same milk as before they have in bowl.. so its creating illusion of having lots of deposit..

      Reason for the fallen of any revshares is membership growth:
      Tt3 survived cause they started with less members and end up with so many.. 10 ads pay surviving for same reason but the programs who have big growth in starting and they didn’t maintened after launch they will collapse. My24hourincome had awesome growth in starting but after that they don’t have continuous growth as they have in starting.

      Moving Payaza fund to Bitcoins:
      Drew moved payaza fund to bitcoin, It’s a sign of getting out. He wants to save his ass from payza disputes in future. One of the top promoter of My24hour income told me that Admin(Drew Burton) was loosing 12k$ per day in paying payaza fees. Everybody knews about the Payaza fees, he has to think about it before launch of the program.

      Conclusion: You don’t have much time , start withdrawals..

      • William Methieson
        5 years ago

        Your future prediction was accurate brother. Now they are going to relaunch My24hour income and they will release fund in March once payza release their fund. It seems same scenario like MPA and PayPal. What do you think on this ?

        • Hey bro.. Glad you come back again on my blog..

          My thoughts on Relaunches of the programs:
          Bro, Revshare work based on the trust factor mostly once its broken program can be over in a week. How many relaunches get success? In best case its 1 in a 100. We already seen relaunches of TT3, URS , CD and some others and they were completely flop. In the genuine case like paypal issue, only 30% people lost the trust in the same revshare as they were aware about facts. Thats why MPA’s Relaunch worked.
          Now about the Holding fund by the Payza:
          Payza only holds 10% fund everyweek and then release it(confirmed this with one of the PTC site owner). It may hold more in the case of so many disputes happens. But here Drew burton played smart game, he removed payza as a payment processor. Itself its prove that there was a fake hack cause he wanna save himself from Payza dispute.

          Conclusion : Do not add anymore new fund in MY24.

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