How to make quick bucks by Bitcoin through Zebpay?

Zebpay - BitcoinEveryone is aware about Narendra Modi’s phenomenal move of banning 500 and 1000 note in India. In the effect of that most of the black money holder are now in very critical situation. Bitcoin is the place where people can put money without any tracking of government and people can use it globally.

And the result of that Price of Indian Bitcoin Market is touching heights. In the global market there is a rate of 735$ per Bitcoin and in the Indian Market(Zebpay) the bitcoin rate is 1000$+.

Zebpay and Unocoin are the two most trusted source of selling and buying Bitcoins in India but Zebpay is giving higher rates then Unocoin so i do prefer Zebpay over Unocoin.

How to take advantage of this situation happening in India?

  1.  If you already have bitcoins then do not invest it in any revshare or any program just sell them on Zebpay and make instant Profit of 40%+.
  2.  If you have Payaza and Payeer fund then dont worry, you can convert them to bitcoin with 2-5% fees and then sell them on Zebpay. Still you can make 35% Profit atleast.
  3. Don’t have any of the above, Nothing to worry. You can buy payeer $$ from at the rate of 70₹. And then convert it to bitcoin and sell them on Zebpay.
  4. You can buy Payeer and Payza from your friends or even with your debit cards and Credit cards. It may charge you upto 75₹ per Doller but still there is good profit. I prefer Payeer over Payaza cause Payaza is damn slow.

How to be safe from Income Tax Notice?

Many dont knew that Zebpay if providing gift vouchers of Flipkart(2% discount), Amazon(3%), CCD-My Favorite(6%), Domino’s Pizza(4%), Freecharge, Pizza Hut(8%). So you may enjoy the luxury life and purchase all you want with the bitcoins you have without tension of any Tax Notice. Even you can purchase mobiles and other things of your friends in coming days and still you will make 40% profit by selling those products as gift vouchers are expiring on oct 2017.

How to convert Payeer to Bitcoins?

Many don’t knew how to convert Payeer’s $$ into the Btc. So here is quick tutorial for how to do it.

  1. Login to
  2. Goto Exchange(you can see that menu in left side bar).
  3. Click on Currency exchange(There is a two option Automatic exchange and currency exchange).
  4. Give USD take BTC.
  5. There are so many deals you can convert your usd with the best deal you found. In the below photo you can see that.
  6. Once you done this send your payeer btc to your Zebpay wallet.

Payeer to Btc

How many times we can do this and howmuch profit we can make with this ?

This process is not a one time you can make 30% profit in every 2 days. Zebpay took one  day for transfer fund in your bank account. Once they do it buy payeer doller again, exchange with bitcoins, send them to zebpay and sell it.

Price of Bitcoin in Zebpay is dropped alot so now its of no meaning.. will update all of you if this works again..

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