Facebook Marketing: Account Setup, Building and Branding

Facebook Account Setup:

Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Account

Don’t mix personal and professional life, So make another facebook account for Facebook Marketing Purpose.

  • Profile Picture

Profile picture must be your own. Make sure, you looks good or professional in that picture.

Anyone will see first thing in your profile is your profile picture so Dont use Random Picture or the the Photos of Company you promote as a profile picture.

No one will trust people who dont have face and this business is solely depend upon the trust.

  • Cover photo

The cover photo can be images of your Group photo with friends or can be motivational quote.

Again do not use company logo or random picture as a cover photo.

  • Details in Facebook Profiles

Put the all details about you in the profile, if people are visiting some website or anything they would like to knew as much information as possible.

So fill out your Facebook profile as much as you can, where you live, what you studied and in which colleges and schools, your interests, all things that you can write in facebook profile.

Don’t forget to put details of your journey in ABOUT ME(most want to read it) and motivational quotes you follow and you like.

Facebook Account building:

  • Post Content

As this business is solely depend upon the trust, you need to post some photos of yourself, family photos(photos with small kid are so attractive), Upload photos of your tours, Party photos and Life style photos.

If you was participated in any seminars or meeting of any company then upload the photos of that events.

  • Add Friends

This is the most important thing , suppose if you are selling air conditioner and your shop is in the cool place like switzerland then its worthless.

The most important thing is you to add friends only who is working in same niche as you. That’s called target audience, where you can get maximum business.

So if you working in revshares then add people from the revshare groups like triple threat and Ultimate revshare official.

Take care with solo ad girls and phillipines girl(they are the most annoying).

Don’t add more than 30 friends in a single day, facebook can block your account or it can put you photo verification.

Facebook Account Branding:

Facebook Branding

  • Build Relationship

After the building up your account now its time to build relations to the people you added in your friend list.

Do some comments and likes to their content and share your views on some serious topics in comment box. People would prefer engagement in post rather the you do directly message to inbox.

Once you regularly engage on their post there is a very high chance that you will start to build a relationship with that person and they would feel inclined to return the favor by engaging on your content.

  • Post The Interesting Content

If you do just spam links on your profile then your marketing carrier will over, If people is watching news channel on television then they are doing this for news or the advertising coming in between.. of course for NEWS!!

So the point is do some interesting posts on the profile like good quotes, marketing techniques and funny videos..

Remember: “Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!”

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