Elite Earners Club: Owner | Pay Plan | Referral Plan

elite earners club** SCAM**

Launch of Elite Earners Club : 7th November, 2016

Minimum Deposit:  100$

Minimum Withdrawal:  10$

Maximum Withdrawal: 10 – 15% Per Week

Payment Processors: Bitcoin and Perfect Money

Elite Earners Club Owner:

Tamoor Tariq is the owner of the Elite Earners Club. Those who are working in the revshare industry knew him very well as he was actively participated in many Revshares and make good teams over their. I knew him personally and he is one of the truthful and honest guy in the Industry so i did  invested 500$ from the very first day in the Elite Earner Club and already received two withdrawals.

Elite Earners Club Pay Plan:

Elite Earners Club is a Forex fund, where you can start investing with as low as $100 and earn up-to 15% profit share per week. For now two tiers of investment are being introduced which are as follows.

Tier 1:

  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Maximum Investment: $10,000
  • Weekly profit: Up-to 10% per week
  • Funds in this tier will be held and traded in a separate account.

Tier 2:

  • Minimum Investment: $10,000
  • Maximum Investment: $1,00,000
  • Weekly profit: Up-to 15% per week
  • Funds in this tier will be held and traded in a separate account.

Referral Plan:
Referral commissions will not be fixed and depend on profits made in week following deposits. Commissions on all deposits will be paid on soon after profits for that week have been paid.

Example: Your referral made a deposit of $100 today. Your commission will depend on how much profit we make that week and will be paid on following weekend. You do not have to be a paid member to earn referral commissions.

How to Signup Account and  Deposit in Elite Earners Club:

  1. Signup with the My Link: http://eliteearners.club/Acc/Register?Ref=11737
  2.  You will get email with which you register on EEC, Confirm that email.
  3.  Login to Elite earners club.
  4.  Click on Deposit Now.
  5.  Choose the Payment System as Bitcoin.
  6.  Add the amount you want to invest and confirm it.
  7.  You will see third party popup with BTC address, BTC amount and QR code.
  8.  If possible scan the QR code and make payment else if you are doing manually please add the exact amount of BTC as shown on the screen.
  9.  Now wait for the payment confirmation, do not close that popup without confirmation. Usually it takes 2 mins Max.

Perfect money deposits are held manually so i don’t recommend it.

Deposit are opened on weekends so don’t do hurry in doing deposit. Get in touch with me and i will update you with everything.

My email: raviclickhere@gmail.com

Join Me :http://eliteearners.club/Acc/Register?Ref=11737

Don’t Forget to Read My views and opinion regarding Elite Earner Club. In short Reviews i usually talks about risk involvement and facts regarding owners and what they are actually doing and Many people share their views on comment section too.


** SCAM**


21 Responses to “Elite Earners Club: Owner | Pay Plan | Referral Plan

  • Adedamola
    5 years ago


    I am new to EEC and i have made payment to deposit on my EEC account but to my surprise, the status of the payment has not been confirmed for over 1hr. Please help me on this Sir, I attached screenshot of payment invoice and transaction details of my BTC account.

    Payment Invoice: http://prntscr.com/edgssi
    Transaction details: http://prntscr.com/edgswu

    Please help me Sir.
    Thank you.

    • Hello buddy..
      Dont worry you will get your weekly payment even if that amount will be added after 2 days..
      You have to mail following details on deposit@eliteearners.club
      1. Name
      2. email address
      3. Amount u sent
      4. Hash ID
      Your up line will not receive commission for this payment.

  • Bernedette Clay
    5 years ago

    Your link doesn’t work Ravi


  • hi Ravi,

    I have read your reviews.. I am new to Online making money..so could you plz let me know in which program we need to invest..

    you can share the details on emanish15@gmail.com/9866364756

    • Hii Manish.. I will get in touch with you in the morning.. Yes i have some strategy for you based on your investment amount.. I will contact you soon on ur email.
      Thank you for visting us.

  • Sherrell Council
    5 years ago

    What’s the difference between EEC and reveshare and FX10? Looking to join one but skeptical…

    • See first of all Fx10 is already scammed. EEC and fx10 are forex funding program, you have to pay to the admin of that programs and they will trade for you. As per the plan they will pay 10-15% weekly on your investment lifetime. Where in revshare, you are purchasing the adpacks which matures at certain time like suppose you invested 1000$ in the revshare, the total fund you will be withdrawal is 110% to 120%(this is applicable to most of revshare) so u will get 1200$ total in returns. So main difference between forex program and revshare is revshare has the fixed ROI(return on investment) where Forex funding program does not have.
      I hope i make you clear..!!
      Thank you for comment..


  • FX10 Investment Merchant Shares

  • sathish
    5 years ago

    bro interested to join, plz send your facebook link group. or how could i contact you?

  • Congrats Bro you achieve Tier2 in EEC
    In these days EEC craze is everywhere
    I want to know about FX10 in brief
    I can invest in Fx10 now or its too late to invest in Fx10

    • Bro.. Both programs are non ponzi as they are doing real trading but i have several points that i want tell you.
      1. Transparency:
      EEC admin is more transparent then the FX10.
      2. Timing:
      I knew its non ponzi programs but i always prefer to do everything on timing. FX10 is much much older than EEC.
      3. Website:
      EEC has a custom script website. Why someone spend money and time on it, if he want to scam very soon.

      So if you ask my opinion i prefer EEC over fX10.

  • Folkert
    5 years ago

    Just started today… very anxious about this journey!!

    • awesome buddy.. I just completed deposit of 10k$ in the EEC and now i am on second tier.. 15% a week..
      all the best..

  • I was skeptical to invest in FX10 at first. Took me few months to realize the potential. EEC is another one similar to FX10 and Tamoor seems like a genuine guy to me.

    I have already made an investment 3 weeks back. Will increase it in coming weeks.

    Nice post mate. Keep it up!

    • same here bro.. i am still not part of the FX10 but now realized that this i what i missed.. So without hesitation i started my journey with EEC from first day..
      Thanks bro..

  • Jude Daniel
    5 years ago

    Nice one Ravi, , thanks for the opportunity,

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