Crypto Trading : New Era of Online Businesses

Crypto TradingI don’t know How many of us here are Making our Money work for us(Crypto Trading)…

I also don’t know if we’ve Noticed that the Trend is kind of Shifting towards people taking Initiative and Learning Crypto Currency Trading (Which is obviously the Future of Money).


What made these People shift to Crypto Currency Trading:

1)Maybe they Wanted to be more in Control of their Own Money rather than give it to Someone else.

2)Maybe they’ve seen the Potential that Crypto Currency Trading has.

3)They’ve probably Understand that Real Profits come when u buy an Asset at a Low and Sell at a High.Provided they have the Basic Discipline of simple Patience. 🙂

These people dint know Crypto Currency Trading … They Learnt it…
They’ve spent endless hours Watching Tutorials on YouTube,Connecting up with fellow Traders,sharing knowledge and Experience.

They were Pure ‘HUNGRY’.

Bottom Line:
They Just ‘Started’.
They were aware that the worst that’ll happen to them is,they’ll FAIL,they’ll probably Fail in the 1st Couple of Trades,but they were more Excited to Fail than to Win,because these Failures will be their Best Teachers.

On the public demand and for the new peoples i thought to write blog on it.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started Crypto Trading

Exchanges to Trade on Cryptos:

I prefer for trading, to learn about how to deposit fund, withdrawal fund, buy and sell crypto currencies visit here:

If you have any query you may comment here as well.

Websites for Charting:

Charts works same as Forex Trading so You may learn basics from as well.. I am using it..

Coin Circulating Supply:

The law of supply states that the quantity of a good supplied (i.e., the amount owners or producers offer for sale) rises as the market price rises, and falls as the price falls. Conversely, the law of demand says that the quantity of a good demanded falls as the price rises.

You must knew the what is the circulating supply of any crypto currency when you are doing Trading. More the supply of coin, more investment needs for the moving coins upward.

So personally i prefer coins which has low coin supply.

Here is link to check the supply of new coins:

Mobile Application for Crypto Trading:

Its bit complex to watch price continuously on poloniex website, as loading takes alot of time and its very hard to read charts on mobile.

So there is a app called Tab Trader for this solution. It is available for Android and I os.

On the Tab Trader is you can watch prices of different coins of different exchanges and you can set alarms also on particular price. So once the coin reach that value, mobile phone will give you notification.

Tab Trader app will help you to read charts as well.

One more thing you can trade on any exchange with tab trader app but i don’t recommend it as you have to share API keys to the Tab Trader App. And its bit risky to share api keys to the any thirdparty software when it comes to Money.

Good YouTube Videos on Crypto Trading:

Crypto Trading Terms:
ASHDRAKED = Lost all your money
BEAR/BEARISH = Price negative
BULL/BULLISH = Price positive
DYOR = Do Your Own Research
FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out
FUD = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
Hodl = Holding a position
JOMO = Joy Of Missing Out
Saj Candle = Huge green candle
REKT = Had a bad loss
Reverse Indicator = Some who is always wrong predicting price movements.

Trading Communities:
– @CryptoGroups (telegram)
– (webchat)
– (teamspeak)

– Use 2FA on all accounts
– Add pin only access on your mobile phone provider
– 2FA on all email accounts
– Enable 2FA on deposits & withdrawals & trades if possible

Things to Remember:

  • Never Sell any Coins on Loss. It will take time but it will come back to the price you bought in some days so never sell it in loss.
  • Patience is the key in Trading.
  • Risk Management play Big role when you are doing trading. Do not invest all your fund in just one Coin. Distribute your fund over good deals and If you have sure call invest more in particular one. I am doing same thing.
  • Listen all the crypto expert guys, but decide your self that where you have to invest. Many will give you good signals and then sometime they will use you for Pump and Dump coin and you may bear huge loss in this things(You must knew that no one is working for you freely).
  • Margin Trading is never suggested.
  • Its better to Buy Undervalued coins and hold them untill they reach higher level. I am not in favor of Day Trading.
  • Do invest in trading what you can afford to loose.
  • Stay away from Dead coins or very low volume coins, they may delist from exchange and you will end up with 80-90% loss.
  • Stay away from pump and dump groups and website. What they will do is, they will invest huge amount in the coins already before telling you and then they will tell you for investment and once you do that they will dump that coin on you. There is named site doing same. Some of my friends loose a lot in their trading signals and for the same shit they are charging 400$. Yes i have spent that too but i didnt loose as i come to knew how to pump a coin and how to save yourself from the same shit. Experience is best teacher.

Now About My Trading Journey and Whats My Future Planning:

I start trading on 27th Dec 2016, i did my first trade on AMPs/Btc and got booked 70% profit on it. I deposited 0.74 Btc Initially and analyzed market for 3 months. At the end of the march month i doubled my money already.

My Confidence got boosted that time and i added 4.1 btc around on 1st april in Poloniex. So my total investment is now 4.8 Btc around in Poloniex.

As of 30th April i have 9.78 Btc in my poloniex account.

My Active Trades as of 30th April:

  • Bought Nxt Coin on 1590 some days back, right now it is 2300.. Still Holding..
  • Bought Strat on a dip at 48500, right now it is 55300.. Still Holding..
  • Bought Doge Coin on 32 sats and right now it is 57sats.. Still Holding.
  • Bought ECT on 215000 and right now it is 475738.. Still Holding..
  • Bought FCT on 355000 Average and right now it is 603935.. Still Holding..
  • Bought Steem on 18500 and its now 22300.. Still Holding..
  • Bought Clam on 141000 and right now it is 157702.. Still Holding..

So you can imagine the profit i am earning from Crypto trading.

Am i Spending money for signals and other things?

Yes i am spending good amount of money on this things as its pay offs back, but it doesn’t mean i am completely depending on it. I do my analysis as well, but that’s limited to some coins. And i don’t want to miss a single opportunity of making good profit so i am spending money on signals as well.

As i said earlier, some may use you for pump and dump also, so i am doing research as well when i get the paid signal and then only invest money based on surety i have on that signal.

Just Comment here if you want the signals i am using and i will contact through email and will give you Telegram Group Links.

All advice given here is to be taken at own risk, we have no affiliation with the exchanges and exchanges can be hacked. If an exchange gets hacked, your funds could be lost with no recourse, so be careful.


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