Bittrex App: How to do trading through Android/IOs App?

bittrex appFirst of all let me tell you their is no official bittrex app for Android, Window or IOs. But i have alternative bittrex app for you which is completely safe and tested by me.

If you have ever tried to do trading on bittrex through mobile than you must be noticed that trading on Bittrex on via your mobile phone browser can be quite slow and annoying.

Most times you can only view one currency pair at a time or you need to open multiple page to view different pairs. As i said above, slow and annoying.

Well nothing to worry, today I will be showing you an app you can use to trade your Bittrex account via your mobile phone.

The name of application is Tab Trader which will be used as Bittrex App:

Tab trader is one of the most used altcoins/bitcoin trading app in the crypto world with a user rating of 4.6 on Google play store.

How to use bittrex in tab trader how to do crypto trading in bittrex app

It offers a graphic interface for seeing your Charts far better than on any Crypto Exchange. Plus it comes with a set of indicators you will not find on Bittrex.

  • I. E
  • Moving Averages
  • MACD
  • Trend Lines

I see you are feeling happy already Haha.

How to Connect your Bittrex Account to Tab Trader(Bittrex App😉)

Connecting your Bittrex Account to your tab trader to is so easy and you can do this in little time, just require an API key encryption.

Steps To Connect Bittrex Account to Tab Trader:

1. Download and install Tab trader on your Android device and for IOs and WIndow Os you can search “Tab Trader” in respective playstore.

2. Login into Bittrex account then go to SETTINGS –> API KEY and generate a new API and remember do not turn on withdrawal right to the key when you’re generating it. After clicking on save button it will ask you for two factor verification code if you did turned it on.

how to connect bittrex api to tab trader

3. After you’ve successfully generating your API key its important to save your API and secret key. You can save them in you notepad file or even on your whatsapp where you can easily find it.

4. The next step is to connect your tab trade to your Bittrex account. Open tab trader, click on accounts. You will see a list of Exchanges, select Bittrex, you will now be presented with a place to put a Bittrex api and Secret Key. You can simply copy paste API keys and Secret Keys.

Tab Trader APITab Trader Exchange AccountsTab Trader Api key


OR you can do this with QR code method as below,

You will notice, you now have quite a large number of digits to copy, if you are on mobile you will also notice that each time you switch back and fore between your browser and tab trader, while trying to copy and paste your Key and Secret. You will need to restart the whole process of copying again.

Follow the process below to solve it.

First copy you API then go to google and look for a QR Code Generator

QR code for tab trader

Pick anyone that allows you to generate QR Codes from text.

Tab Trader QR code

Now generate and download QR Codes for both your API and your Secret. Once both QR codes are downloaded, head over to your Tab Trader Account Tab.

Now Select Bittrex as your exchange, beside where it asks for your API key and secret, you will see Scan QR Code.

All you need to do is click the scan qr code and select your api key, do the same for your secret.

5. Now that you’ve successfully connect your bittrex account to the tab trader the next thing is to go to Watchlist on the tab trader. In the watch list click select Bittrex. You will now be give the Instruments of crypto currency pairs to watch and trade on.

Search for and select the pairs you want, now tick them.

Once done click back to head back to watch list.

There you will see the Crypto currency pairs you selected. Open each to see how the pair have been performing.

Before starting trading i will suggest you to go through 10+ MUST READ CRYPTO TRADING TIPS FOR EVERY BEGINNER IN THE CRPTO SPACE.

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I hope you liked the conversation of Tab Trader App into Bittrex App..


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