10+ Must Read Crypto Trading Tips For Every Beginner in the Crpto Space 2018

Crypto Trading TipsGuys! Remember not everyone makes money in Crypto, even if someone calls themselves as an expert, they can’t be always right and can never make everyone under them make money in trading, it’s because in every game in order to win someone has to lose. if no one loses then no one wins. Crypto trading is also the same, when do you make money? Here i am sharing best crypto trading tips according to my experience.

When someone buys at your sell price, if no one buys it then no one makes money! So someone has to lose in order to make others win, remember this always!

And most of the victims are the newbies who fall for the prey! So the strategy is simple!

Crypto Trading Tips For Beginners

1. Don’t follow everyone, especially anyone who calls themselves experts!

2. Stay away from paid groups, telegram groups, twitter and any other Facebook groups that mess with your brain! Always remember too much of anything is not good, so follow very few people!

3. Always learn technical analysis and stay up to date with the fundamentals!

4. If someone shares signals with you, always do your own analysis before investing.

5. Never be emotionally attached.

6. Don’t be greedy. (!Very Important).

7. The biggest thing that messes with our brain is when we see others posting on FB saying they made 10x, 50x or living the dream life you wanted to live. This is the biggest problem where we also get attached with our investments and lose everything. Control your emotions, focus less on others life and focus more on yours!

8. Always learn things in starting with very small investment. So, that even though if you lose it shouldn’t bother you much!

9. Last but not the least, Crypto is not just about planning, it’s a mixture of Plan, Technical Analysis, Strong Fundamentals, Technology, Team of that particular coin, Diverging your Investment, Timing, Manipulation and most importantly luck!

10. Always hold you long term coins in the hardware wallet, as many times even exchanges get hack.

Everything is risky in life, No one has seen the future! No one knows what happens tomorrow, not all plans in life works. Just because your plan didn’t work and other peoples plan have worked don’t stop planning and start depending on that person for advice. The moment you did this you lost already.

A simple question when these so called experts know about bitcoin and stuff this much then why didn’t they invest in the bitcoin when it was launched? Because no one saw the future at that time and most of the experts came in to market in past 1-2 years when none of there stupid MLM, Forex and other stuff stopped working they need to look for alternatives and only made tons of money when the market was bullish!

Remember there is no expert in this market and never try to become one when you make money!

PS: I took lot of time in order to compose this, I hope this would have given you guys some value!

Dont give up stay strong guys! Happy Trading! I Hope this Crypto Trading Tips helped you.

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